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Radiographic Inspection

Radiographic inspection is an effective tool for nondestructively determining the integrity of cast and manufactured parts.

During radiographic or, more commonly, x-ray inspection, radiation is directed through a part to produce a shadowgraph that reveals any subsurface imperfections such as minute cracks, voids or inclusions. Shadowgraphs were originally produced on film but the use of digital media is rapidly growing as it has proven to be as effective while yielding significant cost savings.

In addition to material defects, radiographic inspection also is used to evaluate manufacturing and assembly properties including the integrity of welded or brazed joints and to verify proper assembly of component pieces.

Radiographic Inspection at Hammitt & Associates

We currently operate two 300Kv x-ray systems capable of penetrating up to 1.5” of steel and a third, 150Kv system designed to accommodate light metals in a production environment. Presently, we are planning the expansion of our x-ray department capabilities to include a 420Kv x-ray unit to accommodate materials as much as 3” thick.

Our Fuji computed radiography system (CR) requires no special set-ups, which allow us to keeps costs comparable to older x-ray systems and even offers opportunities to reduce costs. We are cost competitive on both low volume job shop and high production quantities.



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