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Serving your NDT needs for over three decades!

Hammitt & Associates was founded in 1981 as a fully independent nondestructive testing (NDT) organization offering both laboratory and field inspection services. Currently, our services include magnetic particle (both high and low volume), liquid penetrant, ultrasonics and digital radiography. We serve clients throughout the Midwest in a variety of industries, including automotive, fabrication, construction and power generation.

At Hammitt & Associates we adhere to only the highest standards. That’s why our technicians must complete rigorous in-house and external training programs and demonstrate a thorough knowledge and a high a degree of proficiency in the nondestructive testing method they employ. All of our technicians are certified to Level II and Level III in the multiple nondestructive methods we offer*.

Senior Technical Staff
Our senior technical staff has over 100 years of combined experience in industrial nondestructive testing programs.

James Hammitt
James Hammitt, President and CEO of Hammitt & Associates, has extensive experience in nondestructive testing practices in the fabrication, automotive, construction and power generation industries.
Fred Esmacher
Frederick Esmacher, Quality Manager, has 30 years of experience in the laboratory, aerospace, fabrication, and automotive industries and holds Corporate Level III certifications in ultrasonics, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle and radiography.
Gary Eckert
Gary Eckert, On-site Technician, has 25 years of experience in nondestructive testing primarily in the fabrication, aerospace, construction, and laboratory environments. He currently holds certifications in radiography, magnetic particle, ultrasonics, and liquid penetrant testing.
Ross Reynolds
Ross Reynolds, General Manager of Field Services, is responsible for customer quotes, scheduling technician assignments and follow up to assure customer satisfaction. He has over 20 years of experience in the aerospace, automotive, refining and power generation industries.


*Our technicians are trained and certified in accordance with requirements set forth in the National Aerospace specification NAS-410: "Certification/Qualification of Nondestructive Testing Personnel”



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